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Amanda Elisha Nelson


Creative Social Media Superhero


San Diego, CA


These are a few of my favorite things: zombies, Greenbay Packers, historical novels, craft beer, and social media. I’m a big-picture-outside-of-the-box-thinker.


--Why me? I believe I’m the perfect fit for your Social Media Manager…..

I begin my career at Discover Card Financial Services in 2005 where I spent hours on the phone selling credit card protection programs. I was an average saleswoman but it gave me selling fundamentals. After few internships later I had declared to all who would listen that I would be a Social Media Manager, that was over 8 years ago.

Today, I’ve managed over 30 social media communities, covered more than 20 events via live social, and delivered measurable results. I’ve executed campaigns from strategy, execution, and measurement including graphic design, copywriting, and analytics. I have worked on corporate pages, nonprofits, small businesses, entrepreneurs and more.

So, what does this all mean for Buffer? I can talk the walk and I’ve walked the walk. I’m a self-proclaimed ‘Purebred Social Media Manager’ and as such I’ve dedicated my education to my craft. Social media is always changing, growing, and creating and as such I’m always learning, challenging, and creating. I know, what other managers are looking for, I what tools make our lives easier, and I know what tools we wish we had. I have my finger on the social media pulse.

My experience working in various industries helps me be empathetic to the social media managers behind corporate red tape, or the sexy industries of self-storage and trucking. I’ve created campaigns to highlight issues including domestic violence, Alzheimer's, and human rights issues in an innovative way.

Let’s break it down.
*I’m a big picture thinker
*I’m a problem solver
*I’m a creative, out of the box, big thinker
*I’m always learning and staying on top of trends
*I’m challenging and creating
*I’m dedicated, a self-starter, and communicative
*I’m a team player
*I’m have an entrepreneurial heart

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---Why Buffer? I believe in working to live, instead of living to work..

Buffer is exactly the type of company I’ve always dreamed of working. A company that encourage remote working, traveling, career development, creativity, transparency, and an entrepreneurial spirit.

As a social media manager who has used the Buffer tool for over 4 years it would be a honor to be an employee. I’m looking to make the next step in my career and I believe that Buffer is the company to do that and it would be a privilege to be the social voice of Buffer.

One of my big, lofty, career dreams is to work and travel. I want to explore the world and work anywhere. I’d love to live in a city for a few months before traveling to the next, I want to explore
and create. I want to be inspired by the world and create behind the screen. I want the ying and yang of screentime and nature time. And I love that Buffer encourages that.

I’m all about challenging the norms and creating something that I’m passionate about. And I believe that Buffer is the same way. They say, your vibe attracts your tribe. I want to be apart of your tribe.


Non-profits, Film Festivals, Events, Entrepreneurs, Small Businesses, Corporate, B2B, B2C


Social media, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Strategy, Execution, Report / Analytics, Measurement, Creation, Curation, Graphic Design, Email Marketing


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Mass Communications

University of Utah

Salt Lake City, UT ·